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Commission Status
Art - Open
Traditional Artwork - Open
Digital Artwork - Open
SFW Commissions - Open
NSFW Commissions - Closed
Trades Status
Art - Closed
I do not do requests

Art by Blaze

Please DM me on any social media for NSFW artwork inquiries, as I will not display them on my website.


Please fill out this form if you wish to commission me.
Thank you! <3


  • YOUR USERNAME(S): Please at least include your toyhouse, as I prefer to link/give credit to people when I post my art on DeviantArt, Twitter, and Patreon. Or if it's a gift give me theirs!

  • COMMISSION TYPE(S): Tell me what type(s) of commission(s) you'd like to purchase.

  • ANY EXTRAS: (Optional) If you're getting any extras (like addition characters).

  • CHARACTER(S): Please provide references to your character you'd like commissioned! They can go from a written description, to a simple doodle, to a full reference sheet, I can work with very little trust me. Also please indicate which characters are for what commissions if you're buying multiple.

  • TOTAL ESTIMATED PRICE: And finally, please give me a simple estimate of the full price of your commission(s).

Sample Form:

  • YOUR USERNAME(S): Shineheart on Toyhouse, and Shineheart26 on DA and Twitter

  • COMMISSION TYPE(S): Two pixel icons and one unpainted scene

  • ANY EXTRAS: Shading on both icons


  • (Scene)

  • (Icon)

  • (Icon)


Blank Form:






Please provide this when contacting me for a commission!

Art Commission Prices


Headshot - $7
Fullbody - $14 (+$8 - extra character)

No color, just shaded lineart
Headshot - $12
Fullbody - $17 (+$8 - extra character)

Crayon colored
Headshot - $16
Fullbody - $21 (+$10 - extra character)

Misc traditional art examples


Flat color
$10 each
+$5 - Add an extra character (per character).

Full color shaded
$15 each
+$8 - Add another character (per character).

$5 each
+$3 - Add another character (per character).
+$2 - Add shading.

$20 Starting price

Misc art examples

Social Media

Art Fight
Discord - Shineheart26#6538
Tumblr (Art)

Terms of Service

By commissioning me or preforming any sort of transaction with me you here by agree with my TOS. Failure to do so will result in probable blacklisting.

Adopts ToS
- Designs cannot be sold for more than purchased for unless the owner has purchased/made additional artwork and content for it. Failure to comply will result in blacklisting.
- Designs being sold for USD or traded with characters can be held for one (1) week, after this time has passed the design will be open for purchase once again. This rule may be disregarded if I am given a proper reason and approve the extended hold.
- Please do not delete the Toyhouse profile of any designs purchased. Failure to comply will result in blacklisting.
- Designs being traded with art can be held for one (1) month, after this time has passed the design will be open once again. This rule may be disregarded if I am given a proper reason and approve the extended hold.
- Designs can be heavily altered to the new owner's content. Including gender, name, colors, species, etc.
- Any designs by me can be given additional forms/designs, including closed/open/etc species as long as it follow's the species ToS.
- Blacklisted people are free to own my designs, But I will not sell directly to them.
- Others may purchase my designs for others.

Commissions ToS
- I have the right to deny any commission I do not want to do, regardless of reason.
- Commission slots can be held for one (1) week. This rule may be disregarded if I am given a proper reason and approve the extended hold.
- Commissioners must respect what I will and will not draw. Failure to comply will result in blacklisting.
- Others can purchase commissions for blacklisted individuals, or commissions including characters owned by blacklisted individuals. I do not accept commissions directly from those blacklisted though.

Will Draw

- Most species (Anthro, humanoid, neko, flat face anthro, feral/quadrupeds, mecha, armor, etc)
- Complex parts, patterns, clothing, etc
- Original content, canon, fanon, fanart, etc
- Canon/canon, oc/canon, oc/oc, self ships/inserts, etc
- Minor/minor ships (excluding sexual relationships/content, must be kept pg maybe pg-13)
- Aged up ships (all characters must look mature)
- Age regression, pet regression
- Gore (heavy, minor, fatal, candy, etc), death, vore

Will Not Draw

- Incest, lolis, adult/minor ships, rape/non-con, any sexual content where characters do not appear to be mature
- Certain kinks (You have to ask)
- Vomit, graphic sickness, hospitals (can ask about)
- Content from the following: Killing Stalking, Your Boyfriend, Attack on Titan, Harry Potter

Black List
Nat5058 - Personal reasons (triggering, general asshole)
Reckless-Space - Personal reasons (abuse, neglect)